The creators of JMG Systems proudly introduce GnM92i

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Johnstown and Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania (11.1.16)  GnM92i is a company that offers education and training, process automation consultation, and research and development services for individuals, professionals, and community members. We provide instructor-led lab environment training, business consultation, and training materials. Also, GnM92i intends to use research and development efforts to define additional products to meet the needs of our customers.

GnM92i is a family-owned company based in western Pennsylvania. Founders Greg and Michele Paonessa, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ), were married, and decided that they hoped to start a business all in 1992. They have a passion for innovation as it relates to teaching and helping people understand and use technology. This passion was ignited at UPJ while working on campus at the Macintosh Computer Lab.

The name GnM92i is based on the first letters of the founders names, Greg and Michele, the year 1992, and the ‘i’ of innovation. Create a difference, work with us to resolve your education and training issues or to create elegant process automation solutions by improving existing capabilities or by developing new techniques.