We have worked in all aspects of software and systems development, managing project and program efforts within budget and schedule while upholding customer satisfaction and building relationships. Our specialties include applied research and development, team leadership, integrated development, technical program and project management, and a detailed understanding of the Capability Maturity Model integrated (CMMi).

Apply existing skills to assist businesses with processes

We have worked with a diverse group of professionals and technologies. Our experiences include …

  • … supporting all aspects of software engineering from contract and subcontract negotiations, through existing system evaluation and gap analysis, to the creation of the GUI front-end development and implementation.
  • … efforts focused on visualization tools for the trainer and creating a shared multimedia educational environment.
  • … building a system to capture multiple channels of data, providing a user interface to capture machine settings and metadata, and transmitting all of the data to a network for use and review.
  • … various efforts, such as, an Oracle based data warehouse, process improvements to RADAR systems, code investigations for Software Assurance methodology assessments, a workcell controller HMI rebuild, a weigh-in motion system, a laser blade stripping task, a geo-location system, and an electronic data interchange project, along with other projects focused on object oriented architectures and visualization environments.

Just as we strive to offer creative and elegant process solutions for others, we intend to apply the same principles to improving our existing capabilities or by developing new techniques.

Following trends to develop skills to provide products

At GnM92i, we use research and development efforts to define additional products to meet the needs of our customers. Our process is based on a continual Life Cycle of development of new ideas and improvements to existing efforts. We focus resources to capture these ideas, maintaining a backlog of concepts collected from our experiences and interactions. On a regular basis we select from the backlog, scope the concept’s level of effort and prioritize development. This leads to the creation of our new or updated products.

Create a difference, work with us …

We strive to offer creative and elegant process solutions by improving existing capabilities or by developing new techniques.